Alfonso Wei

We met Paula only a few months ago (introduced by our Durham son who had previously purchased a property with Paula’s help) and were immediately impressed with her deep knowledge of real estate and house issues, her responsiveness, and her ability to quickly understand our needs. Please understand that as we’ve been real estate investors for several decades with several dozens of real estate transactions in the past, we don’t impress easily.
In showing us the first house, Paula was able to observe and quickly identify in depth the pros, cons, and potential issues with the home that few realtors would normally see. What realtor do you know would go into the crawlspace when showing the house? Well, Paula did! LOL… we were impressed… that was our first meeting with Paula.
A few weeks after we returned home (500 miles away), Paula identified a potential investment property which met our financial parameters. Sight unseen, we purchased it with Paula’s help. She then coordinated all aspects of the purchase, including the due diligence inspections, title work, insurance, arranged reliable contractors to perform almost $20K of repairs, closing, etc. Basically, Paula handled everything. This was by far the easiest purchase transaction we ever experienced in our decades of real estate investing… and this was done long distance!
A month after that, we identified another house that met our needs. Again, sight unseen except through Paula’s eyes, we made offers, got into a bidding war, and successfully purchased the home. Again, this transaction would not have been accomplished so easily without Paula’s experience and her hard work.
As you can see, we are big fans of Paula. She is not only a very likeable and nice person, but she is also a highly knowledgeable, energetic, and hard working real estate professional that is willing to go over and above to help her clients. So yes, we are pleased to recommend her highly to anyone with real estate needs.